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multi-boot (redirect) and playlist catalogue on devices with no internal storage

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I figured out you can change the location of the playlist catalog from the context menu in the file browser -> Playlist Catalogue -> Set as playlist catalogue directory. The same can be done for the recordings directory. I've looked into making their default locations dynamic so they will appear in the volume root by default even with root redirect but it's more trouble than it's worth.

The drive label issue is a red herring since rockbox actually ignores the text when parsing paths, it only uses the number. As bilgus already mentioned using bare numbers like <0> and <1> works.

Provided that your playlists only refer to songs on the SD card it would be possible to use relative paths in playlists and have the playlist code interpret them relative to the filesystem where the playlist resides. (Relative paths are currently not supported as far as I know..?) I think that's about the best we can do, if the playlist tries to access files on a different volume it's going to be inherently non-portable.

Merging the volume root with the redirected root is bound to cause trouble IMHO. I don't like the added <microSD0> bit but it's the least bad option.

Thanks for both your replies, I appreciate your insights.

Being able to change the Playlist Catalogue directory to something on <microSD0> will make it easy to use the same playlists on all devices. I am going to try that. I have no intention to mix devices so that is fine.

Only handicap then is that I cannot make playlist files on my PC without having to add the <microSD0> manually, but that is fine.

I switch between my devices a lot so these developments are great. 6 of my 7 Rockboxed devices support this!

Edit: Using 'Start File Browser Here' on <microSD0> as well makes me almost forgot it is there. Only have to quickly edit my existing playlists and then all is good.


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