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Shuffle Songs on Rockbox v3.13?


Running Rockbox v3.13 on a 2003 vintage 80gig ipod with ~ 4,000 songs on it.
The ipod's default OS has a simple "Shuffle Songs" option on the main menu that randomly plays all 4,000 songs, which is my goal but the ipod lacks the fade in/fade out feature of Rockbox. Does Rockbox v3.13 have a similar feature?

I've tried various "random" options described in the "Rockbox Manual for ipod 3G" (16 Aug 2013), but it just randomly selects one artist and then plays that artist's songs (in random order).

I searched through the forum, but didn't see an obvious answer. If Rockbox v3.13 has something similar to "Shuffle Songs", can someone guide me there?
Thanks in advance.

the obvious answer is to install a [RECENT] dev version and not a nearly 10 year old version of the software

While moving to a more recent version of Rockbox is definitely the first advice here the open question still remains (and has been asked a lot of times in the past): how to shuffle all songs? This has been discussed loads of time in the past, see f.e. here:,52297.msg242122.html#msg242122


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