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Anyone still scrobbling in 2022?

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Hi, so is anyone able to confirm if the latest dev build does boot properly please? I’m not too sure what’s happening with the technical jargon. 😳. Thanks all!

Hi everyone, I had Rockbox 3.15 installed on my 6th gen iPod using the old style scrobbler for a while, but upon updating to the latest daily build from today and using the lastfm_scrobbler plugin it doesn't seem to create the scrobbler log file...

If I add it at boot it displays a message that the plugin is loaded but after listening to a whole album and flushing the cache to disk manually it doesn't show up anywhere in the file system

The music files are .alac loaded from the original firmware and played through the database, if that matters

should be

--- Quote ---.scrobbler.log
--- End quote ---
in the root

if doing this on the DAP you probably need to set your file view to Show All

Oh well, I formatted the iPod from scratch again with today's build and its fine now, sorry

The lastfm scrobbler log viewer is a nice idea.
I'm getting crashes from it, though. First off, the buttons seem to lock up, and then it causes total system crashes most of the time I use it.

Here's one:

--- Code: ---SWI at 073d0294 (0)
pc: 073d0294
sp: 000007e0
       A: 000007e0
bt end

--- End code ---

That's on an iPod Video (5.0Gen), build commit :


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