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Anyone still scrobbling in 2022?

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Good eye! It's the tail-end of the first track-id that should have shown up as a 'S' (skip).

I tried the steps again and it's fully reproducible in the daily build from March 27.

1. Delete .scrobbler.log
2. In Rockbox, go to Files
3. Select an album
4. Skip the first track (after a few seconds played is fine)
5. Wait a few more seconds
6. Pause / Stop
7. Connect and check

boom. The first track ID there should be

Seems the scrobbler might have a write bug if there's no file already present.

--- Code: ---#AUDIOSCROBBLER/1.1
#CLIENT/Rockbox ipodvideo $Revision$
Billy Talent Billy Talent II Red Flag 2 196 S 1680430715 5ee8e632-4c88-49e4-ab07-0626fbc196eb

--- End code ---

I have a fix that should do the trick but I won't have time to test it for about a week

after I do I'll update here


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