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Anyone still scrobbling in 2022?

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There youare it'll be in tomorrows builds
add volume level 0-10
10 is what it is now
0 disables the beep


--- Quote ---I plan to make these type of plugins auto resume but till I get around to that running another plugin will flush the log to disk and kill the scrobbler plugin which you will need to re-run so slight downsides but better than gone
--- End quote ---

TSR plugins now restart automatically after you close the plugin that interrupted

if you want to exit the scrobbler for good run the plugin again and choose 'Exit Plugin'

Awesome! Thanks for both

I notice there's some cruft here in the pre-amble on the .scrobbler.log

--- Code: ---#AUDIOSCROBBLER/1.1
#CLIENT/Rockbox ipodvideo $Revision$

--- End code ---

This is breaking my scrobbling tool and requires manual effort each time.
Is this line supposed to mean something or could it be removed? Maybe it was supposed to be in the client line instead of $Revision$?

looks to be the end of a track id?
example of a full one -- 88b49ed9-bd79-48db-909a-4b3007135707

not sure if its a failed write or maybe a buffer that is too small


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