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Anyone still scrobbling in 2022?

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I tested the TSR and FG mode of the test_usb plugin in the

For TSR I did the following procedure from the plugin instructions:

1. entered plugin -> selected Start
2. plugged in and unplugged USB
3. reentered plugin -> selected Status
   it displayed "State: disconnected" then "Prev: connected"

For FG I did:

1. started plugin
  it displayed "Thread started"
2. connected USB cable
  it displayed "Thread exiting"

1. connected USB cable (without entering data transfer mode)
2 started plugin
  it displayed "Thread started"
3. disconnected USB cable
  it displayed "Thread exiting"

I also tried a procedure similar to what amachronic did:

1. set scrobbler to start from Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen
2. restart player
3. play a few tracks
4. plug in USB, I can see the tracks in the scrobbler log
5. unplug USB and play a few more tracks
6. plug in USB again, new tracks show up in scrobbler log

(I didn't restart at all after point 2.)

So, it does seem to be writing track data to scrobbler.log ok now. I can't get it to not write to scrobbler.log anymore. Weird. I can't really say what could have caused it earlier. Maybe it was a side effect of some other crash or hangup. I do sometimes get unexpected behavior like = after unplugging the USB cable the player forgets where it was in the playlist/queue and starts from the beginning of an album I was playing earlier, or sometimes even from the beginning of an album that I was playing a couple of restarts ago.

Hi, just reporting that I'm another person who still uses scrobbling in 2022. Had to change my setup now, but thanks for at least maintaining this in some form.

Hello I'm also still scrobbling in 2022 and now reverted back to a downloaded build from march 22 on my sansa clip zips and xduoo x3 because background scrobbling without any additional steps is more important to me than the commits from march to now. :-) I am still using rockbox for about 10 hours a week.

Also chiming in to note that yes, I am very much still actively using the scrobbler. Recently I was wondering why my "home" player, a Clip+ that I had updated to a build from September (but not used a whole lot since then), wasn't scrobbling. It would be nice if one could easily get a summary changelog of sorts since date X in order to avoid surprises like this.

--- Quote from: Bilgus on March 25, 2022, 09:21:12 AM ---We have the ablility to run plugins at start-up so you could simply run scrobbler at start up
(Settings > General Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen > Open Plugin:

--- End quote ---
That seems to work splendidly.

With this workaround, I should be able to upgrade my main FiiO M3K as well, which still runs a 1-year-old build.


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