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Anyone still scrobbling in 2022?

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I've decide to make the scrobbler a plugin
that means removing the settings for it and the code from core

We have the ablility to run plugins at start-up so you could simply run scrobbler at start up
(Settings > General Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen > Open Plugin:

I wonder is anyone still even using this in 2022?

Comments welcome -

Hello, Bilgus!
Yes, I still use scrobbling in 2022 with my Sansa Clip +

Still using scrobbles

I'm still using scrobbling in 2022 with my Fiio M3K, and Sansa Clip+

It's not a must have, and I won't be distraught if it is a plugin (or even if it was completely removed). But it is somewhat nice to keep a history of my listening habits rabbits.

Scrobbling on my gen5


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