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Bricked Cowon d20 need to recover


Hi! I "shoot my leg" by trying make and flash rockbox for my cowon d20 whith RockboxUtility-v1.4.1. Yes it was dumb. Now i have bricked player. It is possible to connect in recovery mode whith Telechips TCC79x VTC USB Driver or tcctool-driver-win32, but tcctool has no option for D20, and Telechips_fwdn_v7_v2.22 cant see the device (two errors - Open_Boot: no boot file error! and Load_UBS: open BOOT error! ). If somebody can help, i would be thankful.

It seems i can flash it whith FWDN_0.28 - fleshing process runs whithout errors, but it is still bricked after reboot. Pehaps i need to know special options for flash (sdcfg?). I used reccomended options for Cowon d2 - sdcfg "0xA2E92010". How can I findout correct parameters?

I tried the fwdn_v5_v2.12 version and got the best result. With default settings, errors occur at the end of the flashing process:
[ERROR] FWDN version mismatch is found!
[ERROR] Rom's FWDN Protocol version = 0x05000004
[ERROR] FWDN_V5's FWDN Protocol version = 0x05000003
[ERROR] Rom's FWDN Upgrade version = 0x00000500
[ERROR] FWDN_V5's FWDN Upgrade version = 0x00000500
If not to disconnect the USB cable, the player's screen comes to life and shows a picture of charging! But it's still a brick after disabling usb.

Ok there are two option to recover Cowon D20 (S9 or C2): whith flesher from
Both works. Google translate bless you! This topic could be closed.


--- Quote from: accsh on March 27, 2022, 07:04:42 PM ---Ok there are two option to recover Cowon D20 (S9 or C2): with FLASHER from
Both works. Google translate bless you! This topic could be closed.

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Message Re: "Dead" C2
How I revived my C2, according to the instructions of audiophiles.

Download the required firmware.
Download TCCTOOL ( ) You can download the manual in English. ( ) Create a tcctool folder on drive C. We throw in the tcctool folder, the files: tcctool.exe (from the archive) and COWON_C2_FW.BIN taken from the folder with the firmware for the player, rename it to cowon_s9_fw.bin (because this version of tcctool recognizes only S9 and we make it clear to the program that we have it) We connect the player to the computer.

The Found New Hardware Wizard will then appear.
Select "No, not this time", click next.
"Install from a specific location", below.
Check the box next to "Include the following search location" and click on the "Browse" button.
There we indicate the folder "tcctool-driver-win32", which is located in the archive, you can also extract it to drive C. Click next.
We are waiting for the driver to install. Click on the "Finish" button.

Next, open the command line. To do this, go to the "Start" menu and click "Run". In the "Open" field, write cmd and click "OK".
We write in the command line "cd c:
tcctool -d cowons9 cowon_s9_fw.bin " (without quotes) and press enter It

will appear:
[INFO] Using device "Cowon S9"
[INFO] Searching for TCC device...
[INFO] Found TCC device, uploading application.
[INFO] Patching

application uploaded successfully

! Corrected, now everything should be stitched.

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Message Re: "Dead" C2
I want to share my bitter experience of restoring a dead body.
It did not turn on, the screen did not light up at all, the only thing that gave confidence in its operability - when connected to a PC and holding + and - and pressing the power on, it was a computer.
It turned on and, moreover, it started charging only after using the program, and not tcctool, as many people think, it did not help me. I used it, it was written that the update was successful, but alas, it did not even turn on and did not try to flash.
So, the program that I used FWDN, the driver is needed there is not the one for tcctool, it needs a vtc usb driver, I found it here , in the drivers section.
so the process itself
1. Download the firmware, change the COWON_C2_FW .BIN extension to .rom
2. Download the driver corresponding to your system on
3. Connect the player to the PC, turn it on with + and -
pressed 4. See if the player is defined as 97xx vtc usb
5. We launch the program, select our .rom file
6. Turn on the player again, if it is turned off, the firmware will start automatically
after that it will charge a little to decide how the flash drive is, we drop the firmware files there and after the necessary charging, turn off the player safely and turn it on - it will be reset.
I suffered with these for two days, sign up to help someone
Link to the source ... p?p=559407 Moreover, this program wrote that I had an error, but fortunately the player turned on and grace! everything is gorgeous

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I made copies (DID not open or run any of these so scan with your AV of choice)
The archive is password protected to prevent automated scanning by roving bots
the password: 'cowond20' (no quotes)


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