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2tb iFlash build on iPod 6th gen resets every time I connect it via USB

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IDK that Ive seen anyone have 2TB in their iPod yet so .. In theory it works?

and yes fat32 limits

I have 2TB, 4 x 512GB in an iFlash Quad, in my 7th Gen iPod. It works really well.

Thanks all. Yeah mine is 1 x 1tb and 2 x 512gb. When I try to add a third 512gb card it sends it over and then suddenly only 300-odd GB shows up.
Mine is a 6th gen, but I've bought a 7th gen today to see if I can get things working with that instead

There's really only 6 generations of the classic. The 7g is just a 6g with a different hard drive iirc.

There are more differences between the final generations of the classic, summarized here -

It will be a problem using more than 2TB. One of the Ebay sellers claims he does sell 4TB iPods but wouldn't tell me how he sets them up.


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