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2tb iFlash build on iPod 6th gen resets every time I connect it via USB

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I'm sure I've done something really stupid here, but it's extremely frustrating.
I've installed an iFlash Quad and have just over 2tb in flash memory
I can get everything loaded (which takes over a day to transfer) and everything works fine.
However, as soon as I try to reconnect the iPod to a PC, for some reason it resets the whole thing to a single 127gb drive and then an unallocated 2tb drive so my whole damn collection is gone and I have to start all over again. It's happened a few times now and, due to the lengthy process of loading the files up, it's obviously a hell of a pain to deal with

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Are you trying to use the Apple firmware or USB mode? On some models that don't support lba48 you'll get reset to 127 GB I think.

USB mode.
So once I load up my tracks I can never connect to a PC again?
Is is possible that having apple services or bonjour services running is causing this?

You can still use rockbox USB mode, you just can't use the apple firmware or you'll get reset to the largest size it supports (IIRC). 

Thanks. I haven't tried to use apple firmware - is it possible I've missed a step when I'm installing? I have no interest in keeping the apple firmware, but for some reason I'm able to load everything onto the player, unplug and everything works fine, but then as soon as I plug it back into my PC I get this issue.

Just found out that it also doesn't seem to like going beyond 2TB. If I add more cards to take it beyond that, it just shows up as a single drive of 340GB or so. I assume that's a limit of the FAT32 system though


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