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Sansa e280v2: Autoresume always from 0:00


Current RockBox 3.15.

I have a Sansa e280v2 that worked fine for months. Now I have a problem that the current position is not saved upon shutdown. When I switch it on again it does resume but from 0:00 of the current track. I don't know if I accidentally changed a setting but they all look good. Also rebuilding database and reloading settings didn't help. Is it possible, that cold temperatures somehow damaged the nvram? Or is there no hardware nvram at all and the nvram.bin file is used? Deleting it didn't help either. Any other ideas what I can try?


bye  Fabi

this should be fixed as of a few days ago, try the latest dev version

let me know if that doesn't work for you

Thanks, I'll try that. Do I have to replace everything? Or just the main firmware file?

You just need to extract over your current installation. No need to delete the existing .rockbox folder.

Took me a while to do it as I was in bed with Covid. But my issue is fixed now, thanks for your help.


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