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File Browser not showing characters like ? and “

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--- Quote from: Pommes on March 14, 2022, 04:03:36 AM ---To solve my problem I replaced the following characters
/ ? < > \ : * | " with this character  -   in the tags itself.
After that I used DBpoweramp to rearrange all music.

--- End quote ---

You're aware that the problem with those characters only applies to filenames, not to the tags themselves? I do have a couple of files that contain ? in the tag, but they are stripped from the filename.

Also, I had a chance to try it on a Mac. Turns out Mac appears to be using ? (, at least when I have it show the filename in Terminal. That's on the Mac's internal disk. When copying the file to a FAT volume the same applies. However, when I plug that FAT volume into a Linux machine the ? is a different character: it renders as headphone symbol, but when pasting it into Google it's indicated to be in the Unicode Private Use Area. Haven't looked at the raw byte sequence on the volume, but one thing is clear: MacOS uses a different character to store the ?, at least on FAT. Maybe it does so on its own volume as well but internally translates it before showing the file. So pretty much to my initial guess, but it appears to use a different codepoint.

--- Quote ---Mac OS uses utf8 Mac encoding, which is different to regular utf 8.
For example á in utf8 Mac is actually 2 characters, while in regular utf 8 it is one character.
So RockBox did not play those files, because my playlists are generated under macOS.

--- End quote ---

Interesting, didn't knew this was a thing:
So the rendering of the affected chars would be identical, but the underlying byte sequence is not. My guess would be that Rockbox simply checks the byte sequence, and that doesn't match because of the normalization. Not sure what to do about this since those are two versions of the same representation.

Hosting things in the forums is generally a bad idea since things get lost pretty fast. The wiki is a much better place for such thing. We already have so if that's available publicly already (like on github) you could just add a link to that page.

Thank you, yes your explanation makes completely sense. I should’ve come here and ask before, it took me quite a while to figure the normalization of utf is different on Mac.
Yes, the ? On Mac seems to be different. And to keep from future problems, I just removed all the symbols from file and folder names and from the tags itself, too.
I will ask my friend, if he is willing to upload his m3U8 utf converter to GitHub, I will post a link in the Wiki then.

lua has no sense of unicode as long as you could see the file in Demos>lua Scripts>File Browser, (or open it in the File hex viewer) then its quite possible to just do it on device as needed


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