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Sansa e250 v1 Music not visible in File Explorer


I've had this player for a while, and I have Rockbox 3.3 installed on it.  I tried accessing the actual music files in both MSC and MTP mode (had to go into the original firmware to switch between the two) but the music is not visible in either mode.  I can view the music files in the database on the player while in Rockbox and the original firmware, but in Rockbox, when I view the Files, there's no music there.  I tried adding a few new tracks, and they don't show up on the player, and aren't even in the database.

At this point, I would just rather remove all the files from the player and start over, but I don't want to remove Rockbox.  Any help would be appreciated.

I suspect you might have accidentally set the "Show Files" setting to "Playlists", which will then hide other files.

(I'm not sure now, but I believe that setting is or was set by default as one of the quickscreen settings, so reasonably easy to change by accident)


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