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Sansa targets suffering from not running on frequency


I recently upgraded Clip+ and ClipZip to the newest dev version, to discover two more sample rates being available. Unfortunately, the speed difference on 48kHz is still there:

44.1kHz, 100%, 2.000kHz
48kHz, 100.8%, 2.016kHz
88.2kHz, 100%, 2.000kHz
96kHz, 97.65%, 1.953kHz

Can confirm this is happening on multiple Clip+, ClipZip and Fuze+.
Is there any way to correct this?
At present, the only way seem to be playback speed, which is however not persistent.

Wondering what is more sonically transparent,
1) playing Opus at 44.1 mode with manual override
2) playing Opus at native 48 but adjusting speed to -0.8% every time  ;D

This is an old issue, at least on the AMS devices:


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