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Is the audio playback broken for all?

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Hi guys, here, with the builds after the radio/rec commits, the audio playback is broken.
There is just audio for radio, but no chance to have music :(

Is this just here or is the music playback is broken for all last builds users?

I just filled one bug report, in case main x5 dev don't read the forum posts.

It works fine for me. Remember to leave the FM screen with the Power button, otherwise the radio is still on, and you won't be able to play audio.

There was one time that Rockbox could enable audio and radio at the same time. (on H100/H300) While it was somewhat confusing, it was fun too. :p

I think that the problem really is that when you enter and exit the main menu, it goes to the file browser. It should return to the FM WPS.


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