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Recently added: when no tag was found, show the file name instead of <Untagged>


I don't tag my music and I don't want to because the way tags are handled is not uniform across devices/programs. And I never had to. I simply name my files by the "artist - name" pattern and that's all I need.
I don't need browsing by genre, artist, year or whatnot.

However "Recently added" list is convenient. I used it on every played I had. But in Rockbox every song on this list is <Untagged> for me.

My idea would be to show the file name when no tag is found.

"Recently added" feature relies on created/modified metadata so there is no real reason why it has to use ID3 tags to display the name.

The database can show file names, and looking at the tagnavi file, I think it is expected to:

--- Quote ---%format "fmt_title"       "%s - %02d:%02d (%s)" basename Lm Ls filename ? title == "<Untagged>"
--- End quote ---

So if the base name is <Untagged> replace that with the filename, but trying it now I don't think it actually works.

The issue is that the <ALL TRACKS> <RANDOM> (+other builtins)

skip the tagnav formatter in favor of TAG_TITLE

Care to test?


--- Quote from: Bilgus on February 25, 2022, 08:52:14 AM ---
Care to test?

--- End quote ---

I'd love to but I got my iPod 2 days ago and I'm totally green when it comes to Rockbox so I have no idea what am I supposed to do with that link :D

This change should be available in the latest dev builds tomorrow


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