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Hi Experts!

I have never used RockBox before, but for the past few days have been trying to get it running on my already modded (iFlash & new battery) iPod video to no avail.

I only have a Mac. I made the disk Fat32 with Disk Utility, but Rockbox won't install. I attempted to use Terminal hoping that would work and although I got different errors still no luck. Sadly I don't have access to a PC so that install isn't an option. I would try to do a manual install, but since I already have the iFlash installed and a 128gb card im unsure which version boot loader to use. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Ahh yes, thank you, however I am unclear how to determine which partition table to use since I don't recall the hard drive size of my iPod.

I missed that you needed some custom size partitions as well.  Easiest solution is probably to download a windows VM image and then fix it from iTunes. 

Ooo, I believe I can actually be of help with this! I just figured out how to use those instructions with an iFlash. See here:,52560.msg249974/topicseen.html#msg249974


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