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Keyremap plugin - remaps keys in rockbox

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worstest plugin ever, it's easier to modify source code with keybinding and build/compile rockbox firmware from scratch + install it, as to force this plugin it to work. It does nothing after applying new keybindings.

@korvin you can also make a plaintext file and import it

likely you are just picking the wrong contexts

what device and what are you trying to remap?

Isaac Ness:
Hi, I'm trying to get the volume keys on my Fiio M3k to go to next/prev song on a locked player, i managed to make it work on the wps screen, but as soon as i lock the player, the keys go back to fast volume changes, also, how do i make the changes not temporary, i always need to remap everytime to do this, thank you, it's a very powerful tool

Set Core Remap should load the keyremap next boot

I committed a patch that should allow you to remap while the player is locked grab the latest dev version (12/31/2022)
Reverting this adding CONTEXT_XXX_LOCKED will allow either behavior

@Isaac so are you trying to make it behave like the original firmware - change volume when unlocked, and skip tracks only when locked?

in case you didn't know there's already a default key mapping to skip tracks while locked: hold the PLAY button (small circular one) while pressing the volume buttons.


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