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%fe tag which returns the number of tracks in current directory


I think that it would be useful to add a File Info type tag, let's say %fe, which returns the number of tracks in a directory. Specifically, it would:

* Find the first directory of the file being played
* Find the extension of the file currently being played
* Count the number of files with that extension in that directoryThe purpose of this is to function as a "number of tracks in album" tag. This is useful if you are playing a directory containing several albums; presently, you can use %pe to give you the total length of the playlist, but you still don't know where you are in a particular album. It is also useful if you have queued up multiple audiobooks or lectures, for the same reason - you might spend a long time in a particular directory.

If it is already possible to do this in a roundabout manner, that would be sufficient also.

If I were coding something like this is a bash script, I don't think I'd have too much difficulty, but I don't know about C.


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