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I'd like to buy a new player to put rockbox on, what should I look at?

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It looks a lot like it, but usually when something seems to be too good to be true, it is.

A real Aigo Eros Q should be about 5 times as expensive.

Will be interesting to see what you actually get.


--- Quote from: Kofa on February 23, 2022, 01:36:22 PM ---I just now ordered this, from, I think it ships from China.  It says it's an Aigo Eros Q, for just $29?! Seems too good to be true.  Do you think this is actually rockbox compatible as this page says it is?

--- End quote ---

Did you get it?



I have a Surfans F20 bookmarked on Amazon, but so far I can't for the life of me discern whether or not this model is affected by the firmware update that precludes RB from being installed.  In the RB documentation it's only noted on the other branded players, not on the Surfans.  Amazon reviews are also mixed, some folks have confirmed that it runs RB, and at least one review claimed it no longer allows installation.  This is frustrating since otherwise it seems like a perfect RB target device.

A bad firmware version may preclude the use of the hosted port, but assuming the hardware underneath is the same, you should be able to use the native port no matter what firmware it ships with. I think the native and hosted ports should be on par in terms of functionality and stability, and they're both well supported.

The installation instructions for the native port are here: Daily builds are generated for the native port ( but they're not currently listed on the builds page to avoid confusion with the hosted port.

Cool, thanks for confirming that, it's reassuring.  If I finally pull the trigger at some point I'll report back with my results.


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