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I'd like to buy a new player to put rockbox on, what should I look at?

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I've been using Rockbox for years on the Sansa e200R - e250 units.  I'm on my third one that is still working but the encoder on the scroll wheel is driving me nuts as it has random jitter. 

I'd like to buy a new player that takes micro sd cards and works with rockbox and I'll retire the e250 to serve as a spare.

What should I look at to purchase? 



I suggest fiio m3k


--- Quote from: mario69 on February 18, 2022, 11:25:53 AM ---I suggest fiio m3k

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All I can find is used. 

There are not many devices supported by Rockbox that can still be bought new retail. By the time a working Rockbox port is developed, manufacturers might no longer sell the devices.

Ebay or second hand might be your best bet.

A 'Surfans F20' might still be available new, but I believe there is a new hardware revision that is probably not supported. The 'Shanling Q1' also still looks available. Unfortunately both are not really cheap.

Look for the supported devices here:

I just now ordered this, from, I think it ships from China.  It says it's an Aigo Eros Q, for just $29?! Seems too good to be true.  Do you think this is actually rockbox compatible as this page says it is?


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