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Question about sansa fuze products,


Is there any parts that are similar between the fuze v1, v2 and + versions?

I have a one v2 that has a cracked broken screen, one v2 that when you use the circle pad it causes the screen to go all weird like and fuzz? I think? then turn white or kernel panic or something like that... at the slightest movement of the circle pad...

And the + version has a broken micro sd slot, aka it doesn't let you load the micro sd slot once it is fully inserted.

2 v1's that are bit meh on battery life... one of them though has issues with kernel panics every now and then...

I don't really know much about these devices, but yeah...   

I would like to use parts from the v1 or v+ in order to fix the v2 issues, because the v2 is way more reliable... ;)

Also it has way better battery life...


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