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Sanza clip zip help


I got this mp3-player with 4GB MicroSD, both memories (built-in and card ones) are filled up.

Using RockBox e70ea5d

How it started
So last night i listened to music and then decided to launch PictureFlow, and then it started repairing album artwork, moved very slowly, and i fell asleep. I woke up at morning and noticed that it stuck on 1/5th and didn't move. At that moment i didn't knew that you can force shut-down (FSD) your player holding a power button for 30 seconds. So it just stayed all night trying to repair it.

Trying to ressolve it
I searched the internet, found that you can FSD it, booted again, it worked ok, i guess. I tried to make an empty playlist, but when it tried to save it, it just freezed. FSD again, tried to make filled playlist, freezed again, FSD. Then i just started to listen to music, but after one, two or three tracks it just stops responding. Screen animation is working, even that small triangle showing that track is being played, but i hear nothing and track progress bar won't move, and track time won't run as well.

I pluged my player in computer, after a few minutes (before it could take few seconds) i noticed that my computer recognized both memories, but not as microsd and player, but as 'removable drive'. When i opened one of them, i saw many files without a format that has weird names and sized 57 kb. Also, dialogue window appeard, saying that i must format the other memory. When i unplugged my player it showed me this. I can click any button and then it will just boot up and will work seemingly ok.

My verdict
I suspect that after a few fails trying to create new files in filled up player, system was effed-up.

What exactly i'm asking for

Should i manually delete some music files using MP3-player?

Should i competelly delete RockBox and re-install it?

What you will recommend me?

TL;DR MP3-Player with filled-up memory, fails, can't connect to computer, works ok but won't play music and do some functions. What i should do? :D

This does not seem too related to the first post, but you can delete files while running Rockbox too.

I think on the Clip Zip you can long-press the central button in any file list to get the menu that has 'Delete'.

shyam first do not let windows format the drive if its in a bad state it'll wipe out the boot loader

you can try unzipping a new rockbox install,

personally i'd try adding an empty rockbox.clipzip to the sd card and unzip an install there hopefully it already has the multiboot bootloader


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