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Hi All,

I am maintaining a fork of Rockbox with a few patches:

--- Quote ---1) Changed the max playlist entries value to 99999.
2) Made sleeptimer_on_startup true
3) Set keypress_restarts_sleeptimer to true
4) Replaced many lines in settings_list.c to set custom colors, fonts, wps, sbs etc. so that naranjada is always the default theme instead of cabbiev2.
--- End quote ---

Currently no .cfg file is generated for naranjada. I undestand that this is because the theme is not defined inside of rockbox/wps/WPSLIST.

At the moment I am running make zip, extracting the built zip, extracting naranjada and then re-zipping the release.

I would like to make it so that when I compile rockbox, all of the necessary theme assets are included in the released zip file. I have copied the contents of backdrops, fonts, icons and wps into the rockbox source tree.

Would the following theme definition added to rockbox/wps/WPSLIST allow this to happen?

--- Code: ---<theme>
Name: naranjada
# Real name of the creator of the WPS
Authors: Simon Rothen (
WPS: yes
FMS: yes
RWPS: yes
SBS: no
RSBS: no


# override implicit .wps filename
wps.320x240x(16|24|32):  naranjada.320x240x16.wps

# override implicit .fms filename
fms.160x128x2:   cabbiev2-160x128x2.fms
fms.128x128x2:   cabbiev2-128x128x2.fms

# Preferred font (including .fnt extension - leave blank for player):
Font.320x240x(16|24): 16-Roboto-Bold.fnt

#misc settings that should be ignored on grayscale targets
foreground color: B6B5B6
background color: 2D2F2D
line selector start color: db7e30
line selector end color: 5A3010
line selector text color: e7e7e7
filetype colours: -

#backdrop - remember this is the source file name in your SVN folder, not dest name!
backdrop.320x240x(16|24): backdrops/naranjada.bmp

#selection bar settings for color targets
selector type..+x16: bar (gradient)
selector type..+x2: bar (inverse)

iconset.320x240x(16|24|32):  icons/naranjada.bmp

#viewer icons
viewers iconset.320x240x(16|24):  icons/naranjada_viewers.bmp

show icons: on
statusbar: top
ui viewport: -
# Touchscreen: whether to show line separators or not. Default to yes only on touchscreen targets.
list separator height: 0
list separator height..+&touchscreen: auto
list separator color: 808080


rwps.128x96x2: cabbiev2.128x96x2.wps
rwps.128x64x1: cabbiev2.128x64x1.wps
Font.128x64x1: 08-Rockfont.fnt
statusbar: top
ui viewport: -


--- End code ---

Many thanks in advance to anyone that might be able to reply.


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