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Shortcuts for volume (FMS only)

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Hi everyone,
I can't remember how I managed to increase or decrease the volume of the sound by holding down the play and submenu buttons. Which setting allows this?
By the way, the manual in pdf or online does not seem to correspond exactly to the menu layout of version 3.15. Some menus have probably been moved (e.g. hotkeys) Is there somewhere an updated manual?


You can get the current manual from the link on the left side of the screen, and from that page find older manuals like for 3.15 too. 

Not sure about short cuts for volume.

I probably missed something: but I don't see the hotkey section on my sansa zip 3.15: 'set WPS context plugin' is the last item on my list. See here :

I upgraded fw 3.14 to 3.15 last week. I'm sure I was adjusting the volume most of the time volume with the front panel buttons, and sometimes with the side dedicated buttons.

Oh, this detail comes back to me: this feature worked with the radio but not with music from a playlist. Unless it was the opposite. :-\

First try a Dev version 3.15 is years old..


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