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Reading the rockbox manual on the device itself


is there any format of the rockbox manual that is readable by a rockbox plugin?  I.e. such that it can be copied onto a device and read using rockbox itself?
Am I correct that there is no pdf or html reader plug-in in rockbox, and, also, no text format copy of the manual?

You could probably convert the HTML manual to plain text and read it with textviewer.

(I also looked into porting a PDF viewer at some point, but it's kind of dead in the water.)

Thanks.  Will probably try resaving the html pages as text.  Shame about the pdf viewer idea being dead.
Sometimes find I can't remember something about rockbox, while I'm using it and not near anything with web access.

 Though, now I think of it, most of the time it's either forgetting the distinction between "insert next" and "queue next" or forgetting how to change the playback speed of podcasts.  Probably be simpler to just to try and once-and-for-all remember those two things.

What about creating a screen dump of each page and saving as a .jpg in a folder using the page number as a name?

I just tried it on one page and I could view it fine on a small screen player using image viewer, I could even zoom in and read the manual, the
page file size was only 42k in size.

I’ve already done this.

All you need to do is upload the pdf to a pdf to text converter.
There are tons of these kinds online
Here’s a reliable one:

This will work for all PDFs


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