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[Solved] "Database is not ready Initialize Now" text shown upon reboot

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I had similar issues on a classic, but with a flash adapter. I found out that the file system was corrupted. Once I repaired the file system, on a Mac it is first aid, on a PC you can do it with CHKDSK /f, it’s solved my problem. The database files are not compatible between 3.15 and the newest builds, I suggest you install the newest build, and rebuild the database, and see . But first check your file system for corruption.

Okay, I just tried using fsck on it. But unfortunately it didn't fix my problem. So I'm just going to have to upgrade to a dev build.

Although, Is there a way that I can preserve my song ratings when moving over? Or do I have to manually re-rate all of them?

Lately my Fiio M3k manifest same simptoms.
Database go every reboot.

rebuilding the db should fix it but keep your old db files for the moment i'll look into in the next week


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