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[Solved] "Database is not ready Initialize Now" text shown upon reboot

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Hi all:

I have an iPod Video Enhanced w/original hard drive on Rockbox 3.15. If I turn it off then back on (or if it automatically shuts off, then I turn it on), the database will display the "Database is not ready Initialize Now" message. This might happen every other reboot, so it's not 100% consistent. I've even restored a .rockbox backup (which obviously fixes the problem of having my ratings erased), but that's only worked as a temporary fix, since I'm still having the problem. I don't know if this is a bug with Rockbox itself, or if it's something that I can fix. It's just really irritating, seeing as it forces me to erase my song ratings every time. I'd appreciate some help with this issue, or at the very least a point in the right direction.


Official release 3.15 is quite old by now.

You might have better results with the latest development build.

Yeah, I thought you might say that. I'll give it a try... Can I just copy/paste the database files from 3.15 to the latest dev build to keep my ratings?

I am not sure about that. As it has been quite a while, there might have been changes.

Backup the .rockbox folder that is on your player right now so you can always go back if needed.

Alrighty then.


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