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[TESTING] Rockbox Utility for ARM64 (aarch64) Linux


For the increasing ubiquity of ARM based Linux devices, I have compiled a version of Rockbox Utility for aarch64/arm64 Linux, which should run on most devices with a 64-bit ARM SoC and an appropriate Linux distro.

This was tested with success on a Raspberry Pi 4 running a beta version of the 64-bit version of Raspberry Pi OS. Detection of my device, as well as pushing a build to it for installation, were both successful.

I hope to have a build for armhf (32-bit ARM Linux) built within the coming days, but for now, I would like some feedback on the 64-bit version... perhaps others can run it on other devices?... and perhaps it can be made an official version for download with success.

The download is here:

Simply extract from the archive with 'tar -zxvf RockboxUtility-v1.4.1-aarch64.tar.gz' and run.

Thanks for creating this.

Is this the same 1.4.1 from 2019-11-15 (like the official release) or the current version from Git?

This was built from the most recent Git repo but marked as a release version. Since the last release revision was 1.4.1, any versions I build that are marked to be release versions will reflect that, unless the team decides to update the release version.

Good job, on Pinephone needed to sudo apt-get install libqt5widgets5 and sudo apt-get install libqt5multimedia5 first.

For the record ran your Rockbox utility build for ARM64 with Mobian, works ok, just needed to set display to 100% to get it to fit on the screen.
SDL(200) Rockbox build itself also works unaltered on the Pinephone, would be nice to install it direct from the utility.

New v1.5.1 build of Rockbox Utility for aarch64 is ready for testing:

Should be made official soon.


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