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Actually yes, i think i was playing music when i build the database, so it didnt turn off, maybe.
I have been using Rockbox for some years now, and i didnt have a single music file corrupted, only database issues so far.
i reorganized all my files by genre and albumartist, so i can browse my library very well with the fileexplorer, i only use the database for searching.
I think i will stick with 88a50ab104 for now, it is from december 2021, so pretty new.

This may not be related to the iflash adapter after all. I took a look at the database code and found a pretty major bug: playing music, or doing anything that triggers memory allocation like looking at a playlist, could corrupt the database commit. I just pushed a fix so you can try the latest build here once its built -

I just tried the latest daily  release, now it is working flawlessly to build the database. Thank you very much

Same here - latest release seems to allow successful build of database on all my iflash ipods.
(No longer need to use the simulator to do it - another long-standing issue resolved, hurrah!)

(Now I just need to make a build with increased plug-in memory buffer for ipod classic targets, in the hope of being finally able to get coverflow database to build.)

Yes, indeed very nice. But I was not able to update the database after adding new files. Did you ever successfully update the database on iPod? Or do you think it is better just to rebuild from scratch, once you have added more files?


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