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Dear Forum,
as many of you, i often have troubles building the database on Ipod classic with Iflash adapter.
I just built an 2tb Ipod classic with Iflash quad and Rockbox.
I did many attempts to build the database on the ipod, they all failed.
I tried Rockbox stable 3.15, i tried some daily biulds based on c62c323ebc and it always failed at some point.
Then i copied an older Installation from another ipod based on 88a50ab104 and with that the building of the database worked flawlessly.
Can anyone please confirm, that the release 88a50ab104 has some kind of code which works better than the other releases?
Maybe this could be hint for the developers here to finally get Rockbox working with Iflash adapters.

And i found out about some differences in the Database between stable 3.15 and newer dev builds.
The database files, which i used to copy between my Ipods are not compatible between 3.15 and newer builds.

Thank you

I dunno, I've lost track of the changes in the database structure.  I used to build it with the simulator, and that worked fine (except for when Daylight Saving Time started or ended, when it would decide everything had changed and insist on rebuilding the entire thing).  But recently there were some changes to developoment versions of rockbox involving removing "Album Artist" category and then putting it back again, and that seems to have caused some problems (I guess because it meant the simulator version of rockbox had a different database structure to the version on the ipod), so I haven't bothered building the database recently.

There weren't any changes between those two versions which should've affected the database. Is there any kind of error message when it fails?

No error message at all, it just stucks at committing Database 1/10.
When i access the database files, there is a large database temp file.
Maybe it was just random luck, that it was able to finish the database with 88a50ab104

Corruption with the older stable builds is due to the disk not accurately reporting when it has finished writing and so being powered down too early. If you're continually hammering the disk you might get lucky and finish the database build before it powers down and corrupts something. From the 100000 reports of people trying this, you'll probably find that if you use the player for a while that the files on it are gradually corrupted by day to day use.

I'm surprised that you couldn't build the database with the current build. Lots of people have reported that the iflash adapters now work pretty reliably. Still I think it's probably a lot safer to run the newer builds.


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