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I never really understood how the (220x176) theme "Eight" worked

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Hmm, so now I've figured out how to create icons and things in GIMP with alpha channels, and rockbox theme engine interprets them correctly.  It's not quite as useful as I was thinking, because it still only allows anti-aliasing with fixed-colour icons on variable colour backgrounds - as far as I can tell it's still not possible to have AA when both foreground and background colours are changeable.  But it's still potentially useful.

The other thing I was trying to do was make use of the "draw directly on backdrop" feature (i.e. %VB).  But that seems to behave in odd ways.  In particular it seems to play badly with the %Vi menu thing in custom status bars.  If you have a %Vi statement in the SBS then the backdrop colours, even in the WPS, all get set according to that statement, regardless of what you set it to previously.  Lord, the theme engine is complicated (with what seems like a lot of not-fully-documented behaviour, and a lot of features that seem to have been implemented but are almost never used - like the "wavy" theme seems to be the only one that ever made use of the features for customising the menu screen lists).


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