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I never really understood how the (220x176) theme "Eight" worked

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Although I did a conversion of it to 320x240 size, I never figured out how this theme actually worked in the first place.
The creator seemed to have solved the problem of having anti-aliased icons with arbitrary backgrounds.  But when I look at the icon bitmaps in GIMP, they just come out as completely blank white images.
I'm assuming this is something to do with some hidden data in the image that I can't persuade GIMP to display?  But which the rockbox theme engine correctly interprets.

Is it that it needs something like photoshop to see these bitmaps correctly?

Could it be 32-bit images with an alpha channel? So RGBA bitmaps?

Perhaps GIMP fails to show those properly.

ARGB bitmaps do work. The downside is they consume more memory. I've used GIMP to export ARGB bitmaps, and they work with Rockbox, but it seems it can't load the ones in that theme. They work fine after converting to PNG with imagemagick.

Thanks.  The term "alpha channel" somehow occurred to me, but didn't mention it because TBH I don't really know what that is!
All I have is GIMP and an ancient shareware version of Paintshop Pro, and neither seem to be able to manipulate those particular bitmaps.  Pity as it seems like a way of having user-set colours while still being able to anti-alias icons.

Alpha channel is a 4rd 'layer' besides Red/Green/Blue that encodes the transparency of an image. That is how those images get their smooth transparancy edges.

As you mention Paintshop Pro, I am guessing you are on Windows.

Perhaps Paint.NET works for those images. It is a small and free image editing program.


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