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c200 doesn't have a wheel (just buttons), maybe you have e200?  If really a c200 could grab another off ebay as they're still around.

Yes, it is E200v2. Dunno why the hell I wrote "C", I surely was half aslept. Sorry.

Sorry if I resume this old thread. I solved the problem, therefore I would like to post the solution, maybe it will be helpful for others.
I always use Ubuntu Linux to connect my e200 and, as I wrote before, one day the FS became read only. I still don't know why. However later I connected the player to a Windows virtual machine where the usb port was shared between host and guest. Well, Windows mounted automatically the e200 disk and it became writable again. Obviously you can try without a virtual machine, with a real Windows installation.

likely the dirty bit was just set do be careful about letting windows format the drives on some devices esp sansas


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