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I own a SanDisk Sansa c200 v2 (Rockbox utility 3.15) since a long time. Everything works but a week ago, after a lon time, I decided to delete the music files in the disk of the player (no sd card) and foound out that the whole FS is read only. I can't delete, upload, nor reinstall rockbox. I already chmodded the folder (which basically already showed the writing permission for my user), gone with sudo, changed usb port, voodoo, etc, no change. I don't have another pc where to try at the moment. Weird, because before I have been able to upload and delete the music files. Maybe a quite long time has passed and I forgot how to do... 😞 Any clue?

Unfortunately in my experience (Clip+ at least) once the FS goes read-only its already too late,

Ive had several devices that wouldn't boot and I was able to dd pieces of a system image over and get back to working condition
but thats 2 out of probably 30?

now I have seen these devices go on to lead half way productive lives in the hands of a dedicated user like johnb
but for most that is too much to bear basically running a new version from the file browser every boot

Thanks for the answer. But I don't understand... What's the cause of the ro FS?

The flash memory wearing out and basically dying.

Oh... that's too bad... That player accompanied me during many many years through different moments of my life, it's very sad for me to know it is dying... 😢 The wheel already didn't work well but I could use it anyway. I hope maybe I can still use an SD card, if it doesn't interfere with the songs' db. Thank you all for the answers.


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