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Rockbox install help [ iPod Nano 2nd gen ]

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I have an iPod Nano 2nd gen and have been trying to get rockbox to install on it all day. I’ve tried manual installation, rockbox utility, even the development build but the same thing has been happening. Either the rockbox logo screen comes up on reboot and then gets stuck like that or the rockbox logo screen comes up then comes up with a white screen that says some things that tend to be different but all end in “bt end” Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Have you tried restoring the iPod with itunes? Maybe something is screwed up with the disk.

yeah I restored it multiple times and then tried to reinstall Rockbox and it still didn't work, same error.

Does it work in the Apple firmware?  There shouldn't be much to screw up on a freshly restored device, so if you're getting crashes on boot that is strange. 

apple firmware works perfectly, just whenever i try to switch to rockbox it fails to boot


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