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Last minute fosshost VM migration 2022-01-01


Our VM provider, fosshost, is being forced to move a pile of VMs from one hosting provider to another.  This has been known for a month or two, but unfortunately they weren't actually able to get our new VM set up and provisioned until yesterday, and the hard cutoff point is sometime tomorrow (ie January 2nd).

The new VM is already provisioned, with a complete snapshot from the 30th, and it is configured for the new IP addresses. What remains is to change DNS and re-sync any changed data.

This obviously is going to result in some service unavailability.  I don't anticipate it will take very long (under an hour) so it's mostly a matter of waiting for the DNS changes to propogate.

I'm sorry about the last minute nature of this.  I don't know exactly when I'll start on this (I have to fit it in around some family stuff) but I'll be coordinating things on our IRC channel.

Anyhoo.  Keep on Rockboxing.

The migration started about 17:00 and finished about 18:00 US Eastern Time, though DNS took longer to propagate.

Everything appears to be working, save for a reverse DNS issue causing mail delivery issues.


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