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how to compile ibugger on linux?

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So i'm getting an issue, when I try to make anything in I get: no can do sir no such thing as arm-elf-as. So I setup the environment from rockbox using arm-none-eabi binutils up to wazoo. So I try changing the path at the top of the make and changing arm-elf to arm-none like so:
LIBGCC = /cygdrive/c/programme/gnuarm/lib/gcc/arm-elf/4.1.1/libgcc.a

CROSS  ?= arm-elf-
AS      = $(CROSS)as
CC      = $(CROSS)gcc
LD      = $(CROSS)ld
NM      = $(CROSS)nm
OBJCOPY = $(CROSS)objcopy
CFLAGS += -Os -W -Wall -ffreestanding -fomit-frame-pointer
LIBGCC = /usr/lib/gcc-cross/arm-linux-gnueabi

CROSS  ?= arm-non-
EABI      = $(CROSS)eabi
CC      = $(CROSS)gcc
LD      = $(CROSS)ld
NM      = $(CROSS)nm
OBJCOPY = $(CROSS)objcopy
CFLAGS += -Os -W -Wall -ffreestanding -fomit-frame-pointer

but no luck. AS if definitely in my path. Anyway using ubuntu what am I doing wrong here.

welp so far ive gotten arm-elf-as but now ive got a linker error lsx appears multiple times error one lol progress haha:P

What compiler are you using? Works fine for me with the Rockbox compiler. Using the arm toolchain (not arm-linux), with (in my case) compiler installed in ~/local, so its executable files are in ~/local/bin, and I don't modify PATH system-wide but only for the make call:

--- Code: ---PATH=~/local/bin/:$PATH CROSS=arm-elf-eabi- make
--- End code ---

(no idea if the resulting binary does anything useful, can't test -- I only did compile things.)

arm -none -eabi I got a recipe for arm-elf and was able to get most of it, I cant do for some reason the certs always fail when downloading on ubuntu or lubuntu on mint it passed but something else broke so I guess i'm stuck with source compiling if I want it what is the deal there?

checking dynamic linker characteristics... (cached) GNU/Linux
checking how to hardcode library paths into programs... immediate
checking for perl... perl
checking for pdflatex... no
checking for pod2html... pod2html
checking for stdint types... stdint.h (shortcircuit)
make use of stdint.h in include/isl/stdint.h (assuming C99 compatible system)
checking which gmp to use... system
checking gmp.h usability... no
checking gmp.h presence... no
checking for gmp.h... no
configure: error: gmp.h header not found
make[1]: *** [Makefile:5771: configure-isl] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/tmp/rbdev-build/build-binutils'
make: *** [Makefile:847: all] Error 2
root@m-VirtualBox:/home/m/Desktop/rockbox source/rockbox/tools# gmp
bash: gmp: command not found
root@m-VirtualBox:/home/m/Desktop/rockbox source/rockbox/tools# gmp.h
bash: gmp.h: command not found
root@m-VirtualBox:/home/m/Desktop/rockbox source/rockbox/tools#

libgmp-dev - Multiprecision arithmetic library developers tools


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