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code execution and ram dumps for nano 3g


I was just looking at ibugger and it seems to be what I need. I need to do a ram dump while running retailos among some other things. However I believe it only functions on nano2g and 4g. Are there any tools for the 3g to allow what i'm describing?

guess ill have to post in general anyway trying to get ibugger working but when I use to set myself up (i was getting arm-elf-as error 2 upon make) curl fails certificate verification im trying to download the arm version clearly

IIRC, the iPod Classic and the iPod Nano 3G have more or less the same hardware inside, and I also believe (but I could be wrong about this!) the same firmware, if not extremely similar. What is needed is to figure out if the same exploit that allowed the iPod Classic to get a Rockbox port is also on the Nano 3G, and if it is, that should make getting a port onto it a snap.


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