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key mapping with the zx spectrum emulator


I can't figure out how the keymapping works on the zx emulator.

Is there a simple way to map specific physical buttons on the device (ipod with clickwheel) to keys (or joystick input) on the virtual spectrum keyboard?  I find the manual confusing on the point.  You can use the 'virtual keyboard' to map "up" "down" etc to different letters on the keyboard, but that doesn't seem to relate to the menu/rwd/fwd/play physical keys on the ipod.

Hello, I've been busy experimenting with the ZX Spectrum emulator. The emulator itself is working great and I can get into games with the onscreen keyboard, however I was looking for a more elegant solution. Most games (at least the ones that I have) select their options at the beginning using the keyboard before going into the game where you play with a joystick. I was wandering if anyone knew a way of mapping keyboard inputs to the controller so I didn't have to use the on screen keyboard. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I'm running 4.0


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