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Rockbox ipod classic partitions being deleted

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When I connect my rockboxed ipod to my computer it doesn't connect and allow me to transfer files.
I read the threads where people were told to hold the menu and select button for a few seconds then flip the hold switch, but doing that deletes my partitions forcing me to reinstall rockbox.
What is going wrong?

Ok so I connected my rockbox'd ipod to my windows xp machine and it worked perfectly fine.
For some reason windows 10 doesn't recognize the ipod if it's running rockbox.

Does it work if you boot it into original-firmware mode before connecting it to the computer?

(As often pointed-out, that's probably the safest way to transfer files anyway)

Like I said, putting it into disk mode by holding menu+select and then flipping the hold switch deletes the rockbox partition.

Is this with an SSD replacement for the original hard drive?


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