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Can some one please instruct me in how to exit the HID/USB mouse mode?
Installed Rockbox on my wiped/restored iPod 6G, installation went well and now have Rockbox on it. Now I'd like to add music to it but when I plug it into my Windows pc it enters HID mode, widows acknowledges that a device has been connected but does not list it as a drive, so I can do nothing with it. I have checked the manual and all it tells me NOTHING about how to exit/turn off HID mode.

Thanks in advance,

Hi! Should be under Settings->General -> System->USB HID. See here:

You should be able to use the disk while in HID mode.  If the disk isn't mounting, something else is wrong.

It sounds like it's my fault -- I made some changes to the USB code recently and there's been a lot of breakage, this is probably one of those cases. I don't have an iPod 6G, but if you don't mind testing a few builds I should be able to fix it.

First make sure you have "USB Mode" set to Mass Storage and not Ask. Ask mode is completely broken for the time being.

If that does not resolve the problem, install this debug build to your ipod: You can simply unzip it to the ipod's disk after deleting/renaming your old .rockbox folder. Boot into Rockbox, connect to your computer with HID mode enabled, wait about one minute and then unplug it. Go to System > Debug > Dump Log File to dump the debug logs. The log is written to a timestamped file, logf_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.txt in the .rockbox directory. Upload the log file here and I can take a look at it, hopefully it will reveal what's wrong.


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