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Ingenic MIPS GCC 7.2.0 Toolchain to compile m3k native port

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--- Quote from: amachronic on July 01, 2022, 12:13:42 PM ---Using the Ingenic toolchain is probably a bad idea for several reasons--

- it's a hosted linux toolchain, as opposed to the OS-agnostic "mips-elf" toolchain. That can cause issues, see OSDev wiki Why do I need a cross compiler?
- it's doubtful that Ingenic made many changes or improvements to GCC (but I haven't bothered checking)
- it's old (GCC 12 is now latest, GCC 7.2 was released in mid 2017)

Why not just build a normal GCC 12 cross compiler? It's not that difficult to modify or do it by hand, and then you don't need to patch linker scripts and add special flags.

All the MXU instructions are handled by filtering assembly output through the mxu_as script, and you can do that with any toolchain.

--- End quote ---

May be orr even better to say most likely you're right. But from my NOOB vision GCC 7.2.0 version still better as GCC 4.9.4 version used to build current official builds. If 7.2.0 is old and 4.9.4 is ancient, like the pyramid of Cheops. I had never heard of any Ingenic and Xburst architecture until I bought my M3K player about a month ago, so I was happy to find how to build it with GCC 4.9.4 (it was not easy, despite the ready-made scripts and documentation) and now I am happy to try to build it with slightly newer GCC version. I can guess as an programmer, the greater the difference/distance between versions, the more incompatibilities there are between them, so and effort / time to fix them too. It's not my world anyway.

But as a rest for my soul I am trying to compile rockbox with old-new toolchain   :-)

So, this is a like to FiiO M3K build with GCC 7.2.0 toolchain, if someone will try it
it's getestet and IMHO has better battery life.


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