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iPod 6th gen not functioning after failed rockbox install -help!!!!


hi, ive run into some problems while trying to install rockbox on my 2007 iPod classic 6th gen
after a few failed install attempts to install rockbox, I now get the error "no partition found" and "entering usb mode" when the ipod starts up
I have tried starting up the ipod in boot mode in order to restore it, but neither Rockbox nor iTunes recognises the device, even after formatting it in Windows

Any help as to how i could restore my iPod?

I have had this exact same issue.  I'm thinking of retrying on a Linux box (This bricking was done on a Windows machine, and I think iTunes may have interfered with the install process)

Do an iTunes restore.  Then re install the bootloader with rbutil.  That will fix your no partition found issue.


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