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iGPSP on Rockbox for 6th and 7th Gen iPod


Sorry if I'm dumb in this question:

Is it possible for iGPSP (a GBA emulator) to run on rockbox?
An ipodlinux developer named Keripo was able to code and compile an effective GBA emulator for ipod (source code above) that runs on ZeroSlackr ( a ported and more user friendly version of iPod Linux ) My Problem however is that iPodLinux does not have a bootloader for the iPod 7th gen and 6th gen and cosequently neither does zeroslackr. However since i am not a professional c Coder i cannot compile a bootloader for iPod myself. and therefore asking if there is any experimental build of iGPSP on rockbox for iPod 6th and 7th gen. If it is possible i think that this would be a somewhat fun feature of rockbox in the future. (p.s. i am not pushing this subject, just bringing attention to it).

Thank you in advance, sunrize777

Should be possible but would be a lot of work.


--- Quote from: saratoga on November 21, 2021, 02:04:13 PM ---Should be possible but would be a lot of work.

--- End quote ---

Is there any existing build of iGPSP on Rockbox for 6/7th gen iPod? and if there is not, do you know of any experimental existing build of an iPodLinux bootlaoder for iPod 6th/7th gen?

Than You In Advance,

You can search but I have never heard of those things.


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