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Xduoo x3 mark 1!


Hi chaps
             My Xduoo firmware crashed today and i had to prod the reset button. This has caused me some issues!

1) Should the unit switch between firmware after the hold button is moved, immediately after turning off and on? Or does it need a delay?

2) The unit refused to change to rockbox, so i updated to the latest rockbox build to see if it was corrupted.
After leaving it off for a while, i booted up and it turned on in rockbox?!?!?! The font size is very small though is it easy to increase the font size?

3) I wanted to reinstall the firmware, but the manual just talks about:-

Compile bspatch in rbutil/bspatch/ (run make in the dir).
Run ../rbutil/bspatch/bspatch X3-v11.bsdiff

Anyone translate this into English for a windows user? What/where are these commands and folders?

From my understanding it compiles the original firmware with the switch to enable it to dual boot. The compiled file you then load into the player?

4) Does the EQ effect the line out as well as the headphone out?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed any light on this.

ad 2)
make sure you have the font pack installed.
add a line like this to your .rockbox/config.cfg
font: /.rockbox/fonts/11-ProFont.fnt

or any other font from the fonts directory.

ad 3)
Do you want to update the bootloader or the firmware? You stated that you already updated the firmware to the latest build.
Bsdiff is only needed if you want to patch the original firmware to include the RB bootloader

Hi John B
     Thanks 4 the reply :-)
2) Now fixed, it doesn't seem to mention fonts anywhere so thanks for telling me how to do it, now have LLLLLLLLLots

3) The original Xduoo firmware is corrupted half the time on switch on it hangs and i have to hit the reset! So I though It might be good to re flash it with the firmware and boot loader. Is this a good idea?
How do I achieve this?
By the way I was one of the first rockbox users with my original Archos Jukeboxes. I used to know who to do everything but alas that was 20 years ago now, and my brain doesn't function very well any!
Hope you can point me in the right direction


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