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Songs appearing in database after deletion

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I have scoured all these pages trying to figure out how to fix this and can't find anything, so I'm hoping someone can help.

I recently installed rockbox on my husband's old ipod classic so that I could use it. I deleted all his music and added mine. However, when I pulled up the data base on the ipod itself, it pulled all the music I had deleted, plus the music I added. I ran the disk tidy plug in, and updated the data base. Still there. I restarted the ipod, still there.

The songs don't play because they're not actually there, but they still show up on the database. I just now went and deleted every single folder on the ipod except the music folder I added and the rockbox folder. The songs are still in the data base. I ran disk tidy again, but they're still there.

I have no idea how to get them off the database and now for some reason I can't even update the database. The option just disappeared.

I have "show hidden files" on on my computer. I'm using windows 10 and have a 6th gen classic ipod.

Try connecting the ipod to the computer, then deleting all the old database files (anything in .rockbox directory ending in *.tcd) (using the file browser of the computer), then initializing the database again.

Also make sure you are using a recent version of Rockbox.

Also, is this a modded ipod?

Also, if you 'deleted every single folder except the rockbox and music folder', does that mean you deleted the original iTunes firmware folders?  That could be a problem.  You might have to restore the thing and start again to get it back to full working order.

I'll give that a try.

I installed the most recent version that was available a few weeks ago, so I think that should be good. Everything works fine, its just the deleted files that are still appearing. Its not modded aside from me installing rockbox to it.

I'm not sure how to update the database again though as that option seems to have disappeared.

Don't really know why the 'update' option would be missing.  Unless you somehow accidentally edited the menu to remove that option?
Hopefully a better-informed-than-me actual developer will turn up with a possible explanation.

But if you follow what I suggested and delete all the old (inaccurate) database files manually, you will then need to 'initialize' the database again, so won't need to choose 'update' anyway.  Sometimes, in my experience, the database gets messed up and updating it doesn't completely replace those corrupted database files, you have to delete them 'manually' and start again.

Also if you deleted the original firmware folders you won't be able to use dual-boot unless you restore it with iTunes and reinstall Rockbox again.

I haven't touched the rockbox folder at all, so I don't know how I would have deleted it. Its very confusing. I don't think I have an initialize option either. And I've lost internet access on my computer at the moment,  so I can't try to update rockbox.

I wasn't able to switch back to the original iTunes to begin with. The apple logo never appeared during reboot after I installed rockbox. The only time it did was during the install process. That's why I wasn't too concerned about removing the folders. I was also under the impression that I wouldn't be able to remove the actual firmware that way. It was discussed in another post here, but I can't find it now.

UPDATE: removing the old database files worked! And I found the database update, I just was looking for it in the wrong place. ::facepalm::


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