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Newbie Ubuntu user with iPod


Hello all.

I recently got a new computer with Ubuntu OS. I am new to Linux. I love my iPod Nano for listening to podcasts.

Can I use Rockbox to upload mp3 files to my iPod?

If so, could someone please suggest clear and concise instructions that can be understood by a grandmother on how to install Rockbox? I am using the most up to date version of Ubuntu. It seems like anything that I have found so far is outdated.

Thanks in advance.

Ubuntu newbie grandmother.

Do you know which generation of iPod Nano you have? Rockbox is only available for the 1st and 2nd generations. If you are not sure, this Wikipedia page might help:

Yes, it's a second generation iPod.

In that case you should be fine. You can download the Linux version of the Rockbox installer, and then use the Ubuntu filing system to copy files.

One caveat is that you iPod Nano needs to be Windows formatted. If it is currently Mac formatted you may need to use a Windows version of iTunes to reformat.


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