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The REAL fix for not shown album cover arts once and for all!


I get my album cover arts from Deezer. Via the 3 dot menu you can zoom in on the cover and then right click and save it. You don't need a premium account for this either.
Deezer album cover arts come in "Rockbox perfect" 500x500 pixels. However you guessed it: They are progressive JPGs so to convert them, install ImageMagick from here:
Then create a batch script that contains only the following line of code:

--- Code: ---magick mogrify -interlace none *.jpg
--- End code ---
Windows users save that [textfile] as a *.bat file while Linux/Mac users save it as *.sh so something like "convert.bat" is fine.

Now you can put all Deezer images in the same folder as the script, execute the script and all your images are fine for Rockbox. Put them either into the ID3tags of your songs (I use iTunes for this) or as "cover.jpg" in the album folder. Works fine for me.

This information is already available on the wiki here:
and here:

I coded a python script that fixes embedded and external covert art:


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