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iTunes DB to Rockbox DB (aka Tag Cache) converter is offline


The Windows Tool here is offline. The link to it does nothing. Please tell me anyone of you still have that.
I want it badly.
Nevermind, it's just me being stupid and ignoring the written disclaimer at the top. Rockbox was indeed able to automatically detect all iTunes synced files.
I still have two issues though: The album arts are not showing although they are 500x500 JPGs and when I enter the database and go to "artists" it shows some songs of some albums separately if there's someone else singing for that song. I want the database to go by album artist instead. How can I achieve this?

Regarding the album art, see the manual for limitations/constraints:
For example:

For the database, check here for more information.  It is possible to customize the behavior, but due to my limited use of the database, I am probably not the best person to guide you further than this.


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